The ocean could be really dangerous, especially for offshore oil rig workers. A single accident can make you physically impaired permanently. To safeguard the interest of oil rig workers, the Merchant Marine law has been passed to compensate the workers and restore justice. As a worker, you may want to know your rights in case you become a victim of a ghastly offshore explosion while performing your duties. It is here a reliable lawyer dedicated to offshore drilling rig accidents come into the picture to help out. However, you should find the best lawyer for your case to make sure you receive what you are supposed to by the law.

Do some research

Many folks choose the very first attorney they come across. However, you shouldn’t hire the first Jones act lawyer you stumble upon in your hunt for a legal representative. You ought to carry out some research to find the right attorney to represent your case in the court. By picking a lawyer who has substantial experience in the case, you stand a better chance of winning. In cases of offshore rig accidents, it is the attorney with quite a number of cases in his/her hands who proves to be the best lawyer for handling the dispute.

When it comes to searching for lawyers, use every possible resource to enlist competent and experienced lawyers. You do not want to feel sorry for not exploring a particular handy resource for spotting an ideal attorney for your particular case. Explore your contacts, relatives, local directories and newspapers to list out reputed lawyers. Almost all lawyers have their online presence; so be sure you check the World Wide Web to find lawyers.

Choose a lawyer who has immense knowledge of the Merchant Marine Act

Although many lawyers offer their services to cases of accidents associated with an offshore explosion, all of them are not worth considering. You will only waste your time and money if you hire a lawyer who hardly handles maritime related cases. It is best to concentrate on lawyers who have in-depth knowledge of the Jones Act. A lawyer who specializes in offshore rig accident cases is much better than other lawyers.

Compare and choose the lawyer smartly

After enlisting the names of reliable Jones Act lawyers, you may want to shop smartly to select the right one. First of all, check the work portfolio and certifications of lawyers in your check list. Focus on attorneys who have a certificate in Jones Act. Aside from this, look for lawyers who have battled a good number of cases related to offshore rig accidents.

Now obtain detailed quotes from each of these lawyers. Also, check online reviews and find out what users are saying about these attorneys. In accordance with reviews and testimonies, concentrate on attorneys who have a better track record with maximum positive reviews. Now compare the services, charges and success rate of these attorneys minutely. Finally, settle with the lawyer who can ensure that you will get the best compensation and favorable justice.

Bottom line

The ocean offers a wealth of opportunities to businesses as well as workers. However, the same ocean can pose serious health threats, especially to offshore drilling rig workers. However, you can subside some of the effects of an offshore explosion by getting compensation for your injuries. Just be sure you follow the above advice when looking for a lawyer. With proper research and guidance, you could pick the right attorney to get justice and compensation for your injuries and sufferings.